Bed mounted shotgun rack

Home Back-Up Protection are selling a bed / mattress mounted shotgun rack. This is quite a clever idea!
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This is what they have to say about their product:

The Back-Up is a rack that allows you to keep your shotgun or other defensive weapon within easy reach. A number of people keep their guns on a bed stand, under the bed, in the closet or standing in the corner. This is not safe and does not give you easy access to your defensive tool when you really need it. Protection is effective only when it is easily available and easy to use. Our unique patented design gives you the quick and easy access to your protective device, while not getting in the way when getting in and out of bed.

More info here.

Hat Tip: Core77

Steve Johnson

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  • Jane

    I thought that it was a good idea as well especially since I used to keep my shotgun in the closet.. I realized that I really was kidding myself to think that I would be able to get to my gun and load it and get ready to fire without alarming the person that broke into my home.. Ever since I got my Back Up I have felt way more secure!!!

  • Kim

    I am a single woman hoping to get some security, so after I read this post, I order one of these “backup” racks online. It definitely makes my shotgun more accessible and I feel more confident that I can get to it if my home is invaded. I have my gun by my bed now and I am ready if someone breaks in.

  • chris

    it is a great idea. i have one and love it.