Savage LE 10FP – choate photo and review

I came across a *great* photo of the Savage LE 10FP (click to increase size) by Md 25v @ RFC:


I love the green/black scope in the background matching the rifle colors!

A review @ gunblast:

Whether or not this level of accuracy is needed in a .308 built for tense social situations can be argued either way. However, it is nice to know that target-grade accuracy is there if needed for that long range shot that might mean life or death. The Savage 10FP-LE2 delivers the inherent accuracy, reliability, and precision of rifles costing thousands of dollars more, in a rifle that currently lists for only $578.

If you need several rifles to outfit a tactical shooting team for a government agency, or are just an individual wanting a precision rifle for target shooting or hunting, I highly recommend the Savage 10FP, in any of its variations. Spend the money you save on a quality scope and good ammunition. Spending more on the rifle will not buy you any more accuracy or reliability than that which comes standard on the Savage.

More here.

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  • Nathan C.

    hey man i here ya i have a stevens 200, wich is a savage 10 with a cheaper stock and less the accu trigger, so far i have the choat ultimit sniper stock, custom inletted for accuracy international detachable 10 round mag, custom one off 30″ 1-10 twist barrel chamberd in 22-250, bsa platunm scope( had it when the rifle was stock) recoil eleminator muzle break, harris bipod, and a 4oz trigger, all this caust me a grand total of $1800 to put to gather over the last two years but right out of the box it shot about a 4″ groupe at 440 yards but now its neerly the size of a quarter at the same distance and yes this is 5 shot groups, though mine is not stock any more it did out perfurm just about every rifle i have at that distance out of the box, fyi i do not hand load yet, this was done with the 55g v-max boat tails bilistic tiped store bot loads, sorry for the bad spelling but just had to add my two cents, i will from now on only own rifles from the savage familly.