A Rifleman Went to War by H. W. McBride

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McBride did 3 things in the War. He ran a Machine Gun Squad, acted as a Rifleman, and acted as a Sniper, and he described all three extensively. Of course he grew up shooting, and joined the army already a skilled armed outdoorsman. He thought the 2 things most valuable about basic training for the general soldier was rifle range practice to get better with your weapon, and marching about to get in shape for the rigors ahead.

Jovian Thunderbolt has written a review on the above a book. I really want to get this book! More here.

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  • I’ve got one, but it’s severely chewed on by a puppy. (Dammit.)

    It’s interesting to read the completely different attitude of the author and compare it to what passes for “politically correct” today.

    Damn, but this nation has become pussified.

    You can find a copy here.

  • Thanks for the link. Some of those prices are amazing! $200!