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  • Andrew Lakes

    Is this for sale anywhere

  • It can be ordered off their website.

  • Jon

    Its… its beautiful. On the site they showed the PTR-91 semi and full auto. Just handles so well, no climb, no doubt due to the extra weight of the drum mag. Handles so well, comes with a 225 dollar price tag though…

  • Recent updates on our product

  • John

    Got mine a couple of weeks ago. This thing rocks!! Well made, well thought out.

    I know it took a lot of work to get this together and finally it’s here.

    Nice work!

  • You can now buy their brand new X-91 drum for the HK style rifle for $230. The offer is only good until 8/20/10. It is a smoking deal and an awesome product.

  • At we have these in stock right now. Generally there is a wait because demand has been high, meaning back orders. Will Allied Armament is able to keep up with our sales now so we have them in stock.

    $230 with free shipping.

  • charles222

    Don’t suppose there’s a version that’ll fit the SCAR-H?

  • We are going to design one for the SCAR H. Its only a matter of time, mainly just waiting for them to be less expensive for the public.

  • A couple of updates for you guys heres whats to come: