TP-82 : Russian space pistol / shotgun / carbine / flare gun no longer being carried into space

Until today, since 1986, Soviet/Russian cosmonauts have carried an interesting three barreled pistol / carbine / shotgun into space!

Picture 1-2

The Toz TP-82 has two side by side smoothbore barrels which fire 12.5mm shot shells and flares. The lower rifled barrel fires 5.45mm ammunition.

Picture 2-2

The removable stock can be used as a machete. The gun weighs 2.4 kg without the stock.

From (translated from Russian using Altavista Bablefish):

… underwent comprehensive tests in different climatic zones of the countries, which confirmed its high reliability and effectiveness under the extreme conditions. In the process of tests were obtained different forms behave like a beast and birds. From the threaded stem successfully they fired back moose, Kabanov, mountain goats, Gasella subgutturosa, saigas, foxes on the distances to 200 m, with the weight behave like a beast to 200 kg. from the smooth it is trunk they acquired hares, foxes, geese, weft, partridges, turtle doves, pheasants, seagulls.

I imagine the reason they combined a shotgun, pistol, carbine and flare gun was to save weight.

The weapon will not be used in the next space mission (12 October 2007) because the ammunition it uses has has run out.

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I read about the gun here (the journalist who wrote the article knows very little about guns and ammo).

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  • Great article, I like such information about guns and ammo.

  • Mario

    Do you know where one of these items could be obtained??

  • zeb

    Great. Now if the cosmonauts run into any space robots, they’ll get pushed (or shoved) down the stairs.

  • Garry

    Its primary use was after reentry. Landing in the middle of Siberia with wolves and Siberian tigers for company I think I would want a gun that could also fire flares to alert the rescue forces to my location would be a good idea.

  • lop

    what so there was one of these in the soyuz on the ISS till recently ?

  • Nater

    I was wondering what the hell they would need a gun for in space. Honestly, I would think that is about the last place you would need one. I can’t think of any use for it other than perhaps suicide if something happens and there is no chance of you coming back. Even for that, there are certainly better options.

    Then I remembered that Cosmonauts land in the middle of Siberia (I think) after re-entry.

    • Hunter57dor

      punching holes in things at a distance.

      a gun isnt ALWAYS for killing stuff.

      what if you need to remove a troublesome bolt, or blow out a window?

  • charlie

    good place to stand. hope his ears were clean.

  • TiredofPlusquellic

    i want one.