Lego AK-47

My previous lego gun post was very popular so I did some googling and came across this Lego AK-47:

Click to expand the images:

Ak 47-1

Ak 47 5-1

More photos here.


Michi (viet-kong) has created a new lego AK-47. It is amazing!

Check out these photos

AK with dust cover removed:
muzzle and front sight

Trigger, magazine release and magazine

Stripped down:
more photos here.

Great job Michi.

UPDATE: The AK-47s (folding stock)


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  • That’s 1:1 scale for the AK?

  • I am not sure. It could be! Even if it is not, the detail is amazing, they even have the magazine release!

  • Michi


    i have made this rifle, its old. there is an new AK47 as from x-mas 2007.
    she’s looking good. it lacks on brick


  • Michi, do you have a link to the new AK?

  • Alcibiades McZombie

    I believe he’s saying it is not on the Lego Brickshelf website yet.

    The link to his full gallery is:

  • Michi

    the new AK47 is online!!! and I have a special edition constructed….the AK47s.


  • Hi Michi, when I click on AK47s it gives and error.

  • Michi

    I don’t know. by me works…

  • it is working now.

  • keith

    sick dude

  • cool

  • Ananimus

    Dose it realy fire?

  • josh

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! i dont know who u are or whare u came from but how the hell did u do them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean lego LEGO !!! haha . but realy that is awsome .

  • Dave

    Ok make a Version with intructions and the neccesary pieces, and sell it to me, now

  • aaron

    is it for sale?

  • yo thats cool can i by it

  • I don’t think it is for sale.

  • jj

    holy crap i want 2 buy it but like steve said its NOT FOR SALE

  • ill trade you it for my working saw machine gun