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  • Max

    now if you killed an animal using bows and arrows THHHATT would be cool.

  • conrad

    thats cowardly, you dont need a fifty to kill a deer

  • conrad, a deer can be taken with a .223 or even a .22LR, but that is very cruel – the animal could be wounded. There is nothing cowardly with .50 caliber. .50 is not a magical number, there are more efficient ways of killing deers.

  • Chance

    I think hunting with either .50 BMG or .510 DTC rifles are way more humane and never overkill! The energy that hits the animal with a .510 647 grain Barnes TSX round out of the before mentioned rifles is usually around 10,000-12,000 foot pounds when it hits the animal. That is serious knock down power. = More likely to be a one shot clean kill where the animal was smoted into the afterlife as oppossed to running a few hundred yards suffering while bleeding to death. Something to ponder. I use a Bohica FAR-50 MK-III in .510 DTC for my hunts.

  • Chance, I agree with you. There is no such thing as overkill when ensuring a one shot kill.

  • Paul

    I seriously think you guys are mentally retarded. 10,000 to 12,000 foot pounds of energy is going to destroy anything it hits. Can you tell me how that is ethical? With the right bullet and shot placement you can kill a deer with one shot every time with a .223. Anything past a .338 Winchester is overkill for deer, there is no way you can justify using a caliber that big for light skinned game like deer and even bear. It blows my mind how people like you even get a hunting license. You are the ones that give us hunters a bad name, you’re the ones who attract anti hunting groups and animal rights groups. How can you call yourself a hunter? It takes no skill to kill an animal with a gun like that, what connection with the animal do you have when you can kill it from 1,000 yards? You are nothing more than scum. Max and Conrad have it right.

  • Peaceandlove

    You guys are sick. Just sick. What is wrong with you people.

  • i understand that it is a little over-kill but still it is humane for the deer to die quickly and not slowly bleed to death or go into shock for fifteen minutes THEN die. i hunt with a and think its perfect but it still would be good to hunt at 1000 yds.+

  • ATP0367

    peaceandlove, are you kidding me. really, your name is peaceandlove on a hunting thread. who the f*ck do you think you are? second, I totally agree with steve that ensuring a one shot kill is the most humane thing you could do while hunting in order to minimize the amount of pain and suffering the animal goes through. I have done squirrel hunting with a 12GA Mossberg, boar hunting with a DE .50, deer hunting with a 30-06 savage. There is nothing inhumane about making the kill quick and painless.

  • Caleb

    Hahaha. This is great. I mean really? Overkill? Unethical? The only reason anything about this would be even remotely unethical is that maybe more meat would be wasted than intended. But I’ve seen a deer shot with a normal .243 Winchester, the deer was shot at about 70 or 80 yds, and the entrace wound was normal size, the exit wound? I could fit the first 4 inches of my boot in there. Complete shredding of both shoulders. Now personally, I hunt whitetail deer here in north Alabama with a 7mm Remington Magnum. I use 175 gr. core lokt cheaps. Every deer I’ve shot did not need a follow-up. Ive seen a deer shot with the same rifle that had to be loaded into the truck by the back legs and neck, because the front legs were gone. Literally gone. Both shoulders, and about 6 inches of backstrap. It’s not the size of the gun, its more shot placement. You could gut shoot a deer with one of those .50’s and have it run 200 yds and die in a pool of its own frothy blood. You could do the same with a bow. But there are 3 things different about a bow.
    1. The range of an effective kill increases magnanimously. Most bow hots I have ever seen? well within 50 yds. And dont give me that 80 and 100 yd crap, I have never seen someone shoot a coke can at 80 yds consecutively. Never. How far can you shoot with a .50 bmg? ha. What was that recorded shot in ’02? Somewhere around 2675 yds. Cpl. Robert Furlong. What did he use? A Barrett Model 95. In .50 bmg.
    2. Sheer ft-lbs. or “knockdown”. If you shoot at a deer at 100 yds and it happens to be a gut shot, the deer will at least be on the ground long enough to cylce the bolt. Then you get a 2nd chance to bring him down cleanly. I have never seen a deer Knocked down by a bow.
    3. A vital area. If a deer is shot in the heart by a bow, chances are it’s gonna drop instantly. If its shot in the lungs, chances are its gonna run a little ways and die. That means a “one-hit-kill” is achievable in an area of about 3 inches. Shoot a 3 inch circle every time at 50 yds with a bow. Thats right, you cant do it. Now if you have a large caliber rifle, even just slightly bigger than a .223, you vital area encompases all of the hear and lungs. Maybe even a little of the intestines, too. I have shot a deer personally at 47 yds with a .44 Remington Magnum, and it walked a whopping 7 yds. When we split her open, there was a cavity large enough to fit a soccer ball right behind the usual “vital area”. No lungs or heart were damaged. Gut shoot a deer with a bow and see how far it walks. Ill bet all my guns that it’ll be farther than 7 yds.
    So, bottom line, overkill is not a bad thing. Especially if your a bad shot. Besides, bow hunting is stupid.


    actually caleb it was a mcmillian tac-50 that cpl robert furlong used, just a little FYI

  • an pham

    i don’t know shit about guns or hunting, but for some reason i find it kinda fucked up to shoot them with that big of gun. fuck man i just imagine that i am getting shot with that gun.

  • AnimalLuvr

    The whole point of hunting is to kill the animal…DEAD.
    Ethically, we as hunters strive to do so quickly, with as little suffering for the animal as possible, while preserving the meat/skin/antlers/etc.
    Ideally we should all try to hit the proverbial bulls-eye with the first shot. However, hunting is in the moment; you may have been tracking for miles (breathing hard with twitching muscles) or sitting in a quiet position for hours, (allowing the cold to stiffen your movements) all while your adrenaline is pumping because you realize that you are in the moment.
    When it comes to it, you want to make sure your prey/trophy/dinner/lamb killer/whatever dies the first shot. The .50 will do that no matter where it hits.
    That being said, it is an expensive gun to own and shoot.
    -Ilove animals...they taste great!

  • ishootme

    Calebon. I absolutely love the last sentence in your post. Wish I had a .50.

  • Caleb

    Sorry about that, it was a mcmillan. I only could speculate, the article said “bolt action .50 bmg”. I assumed it was a barret 95. I later found out it was in fact a tac50.

  • james27

    Look I own a armalite AR50A1 and I have see first hand what the 50 can do. It doesn’t ruin the meat like everyone proclaims it only prevents the animals from running, suffering, or feeling any kind of pain what so ever. So for you guy to say it is cruel and unsportsman like, I don’t think that you actually care about the game suffering at all. I think that you just believe everything that you see on tv. (It is tv)!! So instead of arguing about who’s right, if you have never hunted with the 50 bmg. Try it and the post fact instead of what you think

  • james27

    And also an pham. If you dont know anything about guns you shouldn’t post anything on this forum, you should learn alittle about what your talking about before you say anything. Anyways you have no right speaking on this topic. I really hate it when people think that they know everything, just like all of you that think that you know what the 50 bmg is about and what it will do to thin skinned animals. Your just the kind of people that are the reason for people trying to take our rights to bear arms. I just think that all of you need to grow up, try learning about what your talking about before you even put your to since on here

  • elijah

    I just ran across this blog/thread this morn, in search of .50BMG rifle info.

    Does anyone mention(those afraid of “overkill”. Is that like being too wet?)hand loading as an efficient way of lessening the hammer on the animal? I mean as an option.

  • Steven J.

    Just a couple years behind with this post, but on the third picture down with what I assume is a buffalo, does anyone else see that scope eye?