Krinker Plinker AK-74 Conversion for the Ruger 10/22 Rifle

The Krinker Plinker is a kit that includes everything but the receiver, trigger group, and their internal parts to convert a Ruger 10/22 rifle into a replica AK-74U Krinkov assault rifle. The kit includes a new sixteen inch heavy barrel, AK-style pistol grip and handguard, an extended magazine release, a fake sound suppressor (silencer), a good set of adjustable peep sights, a Picatinny rail for mounting optics, hardware, and a Krinkov style side-folding stock. The metal parts are either black anodized aluminum, or black oxide coated steel. The kit also comes with a good set of illustrated instructions for installing the kit on your Ruger 10/22 receiver.

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A custom camo paint job:

 Duracoat Dc Duracoat Afgankrinkerplinker

Steve Johnson

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  • Kevin

    does anyone know where to find a compatible pistol grip and stock for the krinker plinker? I love the conversion but the pistol grip is a little shaky and am running into problem with the folding stock. any suggestions?

  • Kevin, head over to and ask in the forums. If they don’t know, no one knows!

  • kevin

    thanks steve i’ll check it out

  • Call C&S if you are having problems….636-928-1511


  • Luke

    is this kit legal in ca

  • billavet

    Wjere can I find the cheapest Mod unit?

  • billavet

    To Kevin: Have you tried “Cheaper Than Dirt”? WS

  • Danny

    I’m also Having trouble with the stock that came with the Krinker Plinker that I bought off about a year ago. The dang button doesn’t seem to work to make it fold up. If any of you know about another stock that seems to work could you tell me. I was also wondering how the person above did that paint job. My respect man it is awesome!

  • Tim

    Its is acually cheaper now to buy a brand new AK-22 than to buy this conversion kit, just my 2 cents.