Marines testing .338 Lapua TRG-42 sniper rifle

The Marines are testing the .338 Lapua chambered TRG-42 rifles in Iraq:
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The current M40 barreled for the .308 round is dependable and can reach out and touch someone at about 1,000 meters. But the TRG-42 is designed for the sniper who wants a little more range – like 2,300 meters, says Beretta firearms instructor, Corey Gumbert – without having to carry the heavy .50 Barrett rifle.

Gumbert said his company has handed over a few of the .338 Lapua-chambered TRG-42s to the Marine Corps and so far they like them.

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  • Michael

    Most other NATO countries are upgrading snipers to 338, The US should do also.

  • Nick

    For a moment I thought they said FG-42.