Anzio 20mm Vulcan Rifle / Cannon

The nearly 7 feet tall Anzio 20mm rifle (or cannon) is one amazing gun!

Featuring a 49″ long barrel (4 feet)

 Images 20Mm022Standingatangle-Fp

Bullet comparison of the .223 Rem (left), .338 lapua, 50BMG and 20mm Vulcan


Here is a video of it being fired:

Steve Johnson

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  • Sparkwire

    Lol. there is a barret chambered for a bullet STILL bigger than this and much more portable. the xm109, chambered for the 25mm or 22mm. google it.

  • lou

    what do you think a regular round would do to a wooden dhow?

  • deerstalker

    how is the recoil compared to a .30-06? 3X, 4X, 5X? or how to compare….like getting hit with an 8 lb. wood mallet? or? Thanks!

  • LtCurry

    No more i am afraid. The feds are taking all the rounds out of circulation.
    If they cant take our guns, they will take the ammo!.

  • syop

    Excuse me? But other than taking out an airplane, but what the hell would the FBI need this massive of a rifle for anyway ?!

    • syop, Michael Bane suggested using it against armoured bulldozers (remember that incident where a guy armoured a bulldozer and used it to destory his town)

      • Gerry Maloney Sr


  • John

    Next thing you know they will be taking away bulldozers.

  • If I’m not mistaken this round is made from depleted Uranium witch when fired leaves a dust in the air that will cause your D.N.A. strands to break apart when you breath the crap.. SYOP they need it to shoot you because you don’t have one

  • CIWS Tech

    There hasn’t been a 20mm round made out of uranium used by the armed forces since ’02 or ’03. The rounds they use since then are Tungsten.

  • John Jakk

    That’s retarted. Why would we use less effective rounds? Our whole system seems like the feds took that rifle and shot it to shit.

  • John Anselmo

    Why the human needs so many power for destuction? thehumanity is insane… whoever i want one Anzio for christmas!!! Incredible weapon 🙂

  • It is going to take a real man to send 20-40 rounds down range and get up with a smile on his face or a broken shoulder. You young kids can have it, my bones can barley take a 300 W/M. I would like to see it fired tho. I guess the FBI has a good reason for them. They would need a van at the least to get it around, no Crown Vic could carry it.

  • Whitey

    Depleted uranium only emits a small amount of tritium, about the same as the glow on a watch dial, it does nothing to your “DNA strands”