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  • Philbin

    The breech teeth and the bayonet were both created for the Czech special police to use when attempting to apprehend the local gangster class who’ve taken to riding around in bulletproofed vehicles. If getting close enough to the vehicle is possible, they are able to press the weapon against the glass and fire- this point-loads the glass and helps in penetration.

  • jeff

    Thats what I’m talking abouuuuut!!!!!!!!!!

  • trenton

    thats really cool how do i get my hands on one?

  • trenton

    are they available in america?

    • trenton, I think they are.

  • I love my CZ… but why would I want a knife on the end of it?

    Still, an interesting concept. It won’t fit on my 75B, though.

  • TeufelhundenJD

    Don’t let John Woo see these or every action movie for the next 10 years will have some bozo stabbing and shooting badguys at the same time.

  • EPWrangler

    I now own a p07 9mm and truly love it. So much so I am planning on selling some of my others as unneeded. This is the best fitting and pointing gun I have ever owned and that includes my Cz75bd. I just dont thini I* need teeth or a bayonet on it though. I am making my own summer special to carry it in this summer. a bit crude maybe but serviciable

  • Rich

    Well they now make it easier to bring a knife to a gun fight…

  • NamibGunSlinger

    The breech teeth and bayonet, may seem useless to some people, but from my personal experience as an armed rasponder in Johannesburg South Africa, i would have felt a lot more prepared going into residence that had armed assailants hiding in it, if i had had a bayonet attached to the end of my sidearm. In a closed environment such as a residential home, most contact with the enemy takes place between 0 to 7 feet, added to the fact of how South African law works (works for the criminal) 90 percent of time it is a NO SHOOT contact. So while you are trying to fend off an attacker who will not allow you to detain him and who would also like to forcefully acquire your sidearm, you just don’t have the time to whip out an extendable baton or dig in your pocket for that EMERGENCY BACKUP blade you so thoughtfully bought for such a scenario. My opinion is that, it is a clever aid and will be valued by most individual’s who are serious about home defense or residential close quarters combat.

  • I can’t help but to wonder if the bayonet and breach teeth mount might be available separate from the CZ pistol?