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  • Steve


  • Gabriel

    It blew straight up not sideways

  • Fabian Czajkowski

    Probably something wrong with the cartridge that was loaded at the middle of the cracked area of the drum caused the other 2 to misfire, then the drum couldn’t support the three simultaneous explosions and blown. But definetely, it blew straight up, cuz the scope adapter and the gun’s rail wouldn’t be bent like that otherwise.

  • Mu

    Not sure the other two cartridges blew too. Might have been a no-powder dud in the previous round, where the primer was just enough to push the lead into the barrel. Next round fires into plugged barrel, and the side walls of the chamber fail before the top does, leading the lid-type fracture.

  • David

    Fabian Czajkowski

    If the 2 others misfired, nothing would have happened to them, “misfire” means to pull the trigger and nothing happens, not to discharge…