Introduction to reloading

The Smallest Minority blog has a extensive post how to get into reloading. Well worth a read if you have been thinking about starting to reload:Images

After my offhand comment the other day about how people should get into reloading, I’ve received over a dozen emails asking how a complete tenderfoot would get into it: with a low budget, modest reloading amounts, and so on.

I would appreciate advice from you all as the a “basic” set of equipment one would need, as well as some recommendations for stuff like powder and such.

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  • Peter

    Also check eBay: My Rockchucker (RCBS) cost me $42 as opposed to the retail of $129. It was very dirty, and needed to be taken apart and cleaned, but I would have done that with a new one, as the linkages aren’t lubricated at the factory. This makes a noticable difference, especially when full-length resizing rifle cases.

    GunBroker, too: I scored a full length RCBS .308 die set with an additional neck-sizing die for $20.

    CH4D: I have the military primer pocket swaging set, which I think is a better approach than RCBS, but the point here is that I called and spoke to Mr Davison (one of the owners) about some parts that the unit I bought off eBay was missing. He spent all the necessary time to answer my questions, and then sent out the required items without insisting on payment first. Of course I paid him as soon as I got the stuff. Good Guy!

  • Hi Peter. Thanks for the tips.

  • You might also find my reloading pages of interest:

  • Just wanted to let anyone interested in reloading know I have an ebook for the absolute beginner. It is $4.95 available here…

  • Lee Stender

    Does anyone have the answer to the $ 64,000 question?
    Where are all of the small rifle primers?
    Should’nt we be concerned?

  • Reloading is a great thing to get into, You can reload 9mm for around 50%to over 75% (if you are reloading HP), cheaper than factory ammo. You can shoot jacketed or cast bullets, unless you have a glock or some other gun that can’t shoot cast bullets. I sell custom cast bullets and jacketed/jacketed hollow point bullets at my website J&S Bullets

    • I’ll have take another look at reloading. I was checking it out cost-wise and since I’m only shooting 9mm at present, it didn’t seem to be cost effective unless I was going through 1000 rounds a week. While I wish I was shooting that much I’m probably only at 500 rounds a month. I’ll check out your link.

  • Ed Young

    After years of devoting most of my paycheck to raising kids, the last one left the nest and I find myself with some spare $. Want to get back into reloading and was wondering if anyone out there has utilized a bench grinder stand as a base for a press. I’ll be using a Rock Crusher and would like a base that’s somewhat mobile but stable. Any thoughts / inputs would be appreciated.


  • Sam Finfrock

    Hi Folks
    I am new to reloading. I will be reloading 44, 45, 9mm, 357, 38 special, 308, 30-06, and 6.5 Swedish Mauser. I’ve read and read the reloading books and have a question. I have the not to exceed OAL, but don’t know what the minimum length would be if it says the OAL is 1.590. I know I can’t set the bullet out further. How far do I want to insert it in the case? Is there such a thing as too short?

    Let me know.