AIA M-10 infomation

I read many shooting magazines from around the world and I came across this advertisement in an Australian magazine. It shows what must to be the current AIA M-10 range being produced.

I scanned it into the computer. Click the image below to enlarge it.

Aia Ad Compressed

Australian International Arms (AIA) calls the M-10 the the 5th generation Lee-Enfield, read more about it here.

I fired up Skype and actually tried calling one of the Australian companies at the bottom of the advert to see if I could get any more information about the rifles. Unfortunately after trying two numbers I realized my rough timezone calculations were a bit off. Checking a timezone website confirmed this!

It is a pity they do not offer the 7.62×39 version anymore. Not at all practical but a 30 round AK-47 magazine on a bolt action rifle would be … unique! Although the special edition M10-B3 that has a M134 mini-gun barrel is very cool πŸ˜€

I have no new information about their availability in the US.

A photo of the M10 No4 MK4 Classic:

 Albums Y17 Marlon1985 Marlonwithno4Mk4

A photo of the M10-B2 Match:

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Some more photos:
Picture 18-2

Picture 17-2
Picture 16-2
Picture 20

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  • Peter


    Gotta get me one of them!

  • Justin_case

    I just picked my B1 up from the gun shop. Can’t wait to take it out to the range to play. I bought this rifle as my SHTF / TEOTWAWKI go to gun. Sure I’m not going to be able to wage a one man war but it’s a 303 action. It’s going to work rain, hail or shine. Yep it’s not a tack driver but it’s going to take a liking and keep on ticking. Agree – a bloke with a AK and ten 30 round mags will out shoot me but I don’t intend on sticking around.

    Nope. This baby is going to do what I want. That is work in all situations. That’s right. It’s not the most accurate. Sure aint the lightest.

    I do wish that it had a bayonet lug though….

  • Hi Justin_case, If you get the chance could you send me some photos of your new rifle for me to post on the blog. Some close ups would be great. My email address is on the left hand side bar at the top.

  • jim

    I have one of these here in oz, good solid rifle which spends a lot of time in the ute (pick up for our friends in the US of A, πŸ™‚ ) getting dusty. they are available in just about every gun shop iv’e seen here. I’ve been told the M14 mag fits them if your after more capacity. I dont think supply would be a problem unless the importers are letting you down. there is no waiting list here and they are proving to be a popular rifle.

    FYI and my .02 cents worth

  • Hi Jim. Thanks for your comment. I did not realize they used M14 magazines!

  • V1

    Hi folks
    Nice to me myself, my gun and my deer here. More info on my experience with M10:

    If you buy it, you won’t regret, ever you just have to be a right guy for it πŸ˜‰


  • V1

    BWT M14 mags wont fit M10 – different feeding angle.

  • Xsi9mm

    My Father bought my brother a priceless mint condition World War 2 Era M10 No4 MK4. Awesome rifle. I never fired that one, but my dad bought me a World War 1 British rifle equipped with its original everything except its bolt. It even had its original bayonet.

  • jim

    I have bought a m14 mag and mine fits perfectly dunno why it wont fit yours v1

  • V1

    hi probably I did not try hard enough πŸ˜‰ All semiauto mags are limited to 5 rds here in Canada so I gave up after the first jam πŸ˜‰

  • Nathan Lee

    Not allowed in the USA as many of the parts from this gun are manufactured in Vietnam.

  • MK4NO4 “T”

    I own 1 AIA rifle with another ordrerd. MK4NO4″T”(6414) is my favorite. The stock wood is the only component from Vietnam, the rest is high presicion gun steel , newley milled, and new improved old stock(eg bolt, bolthead, longbranch saftey, third swivel to accomodate Knox sniper sling) from england India Canada etc. My rifle has a 22mm prototype barrel and experimental bedding. It is in full military wood, and is Fully floated to the reciever. It is an exceptional fire arm, 15 to 20mm groups at 100m is common. These re engineered rifles(50%heavier breech and Savage style locking ring) are completely hand built and tuned unlike big companies who mass produce. Tested in a machine rest for MOA before any unit is sold is mandatory.
    I find in all U.S. commentry on these rifles, is mainly negative, can look but cant touch syndrome. The fact Canada can buy them relativly easily must erk alot of them too. I am currently awaiting A reproduction L42A1 sniper case with a MK4 NO4 M10 with standard low comb stock with cheek piece and B2 forestock. The “T” is gong back to AIA for a B2 match foreend as it has the same diameter barrel as the rare B2 match. If anyone wants to see some photos of this lovely rifle, powder-munky at photo bucket, type in AIA rifle or i can email. Like minded AIA owners im happy to hear from
    Just a note, this rifle is No.14 of 25, the only protoype units to be sold by AIA.

  • Carrandini
  • V1

    There is a rumor that M10 (Sporter?) will serve as a base design for new rifle for Canadian Rangers, produced by Colt Canada. Only thing different from M10’s will be a synth stock and .22LR insert supplied standard with every rifle.

  • V1

    Oh BTW. Sad but curious outcome of last hunting season: I ran over my M10 with my truck… Along, on a gravel road. (No comments pls – feel bad enough already). M10 is still in business, had to correct POI just a little. Three more whiteys did not notice the difference. So you say AK’s are tough, eh?

  • beastr

    Gotta get one.gotta have one.gotta. when abouts do you think they will be available here in the good old us of a? And weres my best bet of getting One

  • sublime

    the website says it comes with a 10 round mag but since were limited to 5 rounds here in canada does that create some import issue? does anyone in here from canada have the 10 round mag for it? whats the situation.

  • V1

    Hi sublime
    This is rather common misconception – there is NO limit on mag capacity of BOLT ACTION (and rimfire rifles of any type, BTW) in Canada.

    Read Firearms Act carefully.


  • Adam

    Just bought one of these rifles in England chambered for 7.62×39. purely awsome. Great survival rifle and good cheap shooting . Go for it even better if you can get it in 762×39

    • Brian P.

      England? You can actually still own guns in England?

      • Hi
        I am thinking of buying one of these rifles and would like a chat with Brian.
        Kind regards.
        B Donaghy.

  • George

    I recently acquired AIA M10 B1, 7.62×51 in Canada.

    Question: the trigger seems a bit loose. When I cock the bolt and press the trigger I can feel the two steps, everything seems to be working fine.

    However, when I turn the riffle up and down the trigger moves rather freely. I would appreciate if someone can let me know if this is normal.

    • Adam

      Mine definately has a distinct first pressure and second pressure. You won’t find a match hair trigger on AIA rifles. I hope this helps.

      • George

        Adam thanks for the input. I can feel the 1st and the 2nd pressure as well. I was a bit unclear on the ‘loosenes’ before I hit the first pressure. Several other reviews confirm I should expect loose before the first trigger pressure. I don’t expect match grade trigger per se, it just felt weird that it is so loose.

    • Adam

      Ah! there should be no play before 1st pressure. On the bright side , any work on this type trigger mechanism shoudl be very basic and cheap to get done at a Gunsmith