the $0.25 Glock trigger job

I came across an article showing you how to make the Glock trigger pull smoother and well as showing you how to detail strip a Glock. I have not tried this.

 Mrpoyz Glock Image09

What we are going to do here is to polish (not alter) some parts to make the trigger pull (which admittingly is a bit different) smoother. I’ve also included the extra steps to completely disassemble the gun and get it back together again

Read it here.

Steve Johnson

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  • I have tried a few things on my glock and so fat the following have worked the best.
    1. replace the trigger with an aluminum one. Brownells for about $80.00
    They feel great and the pull is smooth.
    2. Replace the disconnector with a 3lb pull. This will shorten the trigger pull.
    3. Add a 6lb New York Trigger. This adds a much smoother pull.

    A short crisp pull with aluminum under the trigger finger. It feel light years better. All for about 90.00. Not cheap, but definately worth it.

    Play safe

  • Thanks Rob. I will defiantly keep that in mind. I like the idea of an aluminum trigger.

  • shawn williams

    Nice Idea, did the polishing job in under an hour with my dremel tool. pulled a 3.037 lbs prior, pulled a 2.969 after, using G96 oil for lube.