Guns leased for crimes in UK

The economist has a very interesting article about how criminals in the UK appear to lease firearms from each other for use in specific crimes. The same firearms are used in crimes all over the country!

Buy-To-Let Firearms Gun For Hire |

Some have suggested that would-be thugs are renting guns to use as fashion accessories. Daniel Silverstone of Portsmouth University is sceptical: “It would be cheaper to buy a replica,” he points out. “Someone who hired a real gun would probably intend to use it.” Renters must either be very short of cash or in need of a gun at very short notice, he reckons.

More here.

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  • SN

    But…we though it you banned guns criminals wouldn’t use
    guns…how can this be ? You want to see what a gun-free
    place looks like…watch what happens in “old England. ”
    You DO NOT want this here.