Convert a Glock or 1911 pistol into a carbine

I came across a company call Stellar Rigs who claim to be selling some pretty cool carbine conversion kits for 1911 and Glock pistol made by “Mec-Tec”

The website is out of date and I do not know if the kits are still sold. I do know that in most Western countries converting a pistol into a rifle is not allowed. UPDATE: I was wrong. See comments below.

 Stellarknife Images Mec-Tecs Fixedsight2
Glock Carbine
 Stellarknife Images Mec-Tecs Ccudeckedout


Some more photos from gunbroker

Picture 11

Picture 9-3

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  • Beamish

    You cannot add a shoulder stock to a pistol without registering it as a short-barreled rifle (SBR) and paying the tax. An SBR is defined as having a barrel of less than 16″. These “Carbine kits” have 16″ barrels with the shoulder stock and so are therefore legal – you are taking a formerly “concealable” pistol and making it into a non-concealable rifle.

    Going the other way – converting a rifle into a “pistol” is not permitted without further ATF taxes and approvals.

  • Thanks Beamish for that infomation. You are right!

    I was not aware pistol to rifle conversions were legal but your explanation makes complete sense.

    Apparently under Californian law it is illegal:

    “Although the product of itself is legal, the resulting combination with a pistol frame becomes illegal under California law” from

    As far as I know in many other countries it is illegal as pistol are classified differently to rifle in the local laws.

  • Steve

    I have this conversion for a Glock 17. I was given to me after a friend passed away. I do not have any paper work for it but was wondering how you break it down?? Can you help me

  • @ Steve:

    The best thing would be to contact the manufacturer for a manual.

  • Paul

    I have one of these for my Kimber Classic (1911) and the carbine conversion unit (CCU) makes for a great “plinker.” CCU’s maker (Mech Tech System in Montana) has updated the styling, adding as M4-style options such as collapsible stocks, “iron” sights, and Picatinny rails all along the barrel shrouds.

    See their Web site:

    Which should also help the poster who’s looking for help in breaking down the CCU.

  • Carl

    I wonder how such a long barrel manages to tilt when fired without stressing the pistol too much…

  • Drew

    Carl, the barrel doesn’t tilt. The carbine conversion has a fixed barrel. The only parts of the pistol used are the frame assembly and magazine.

  • Ok, I like the idea, how about a little less ugly?

  • Mike Sellers

    Way back in the 1920`s my grandfather converted a single shot rifle into a target pistol. Is it legal to possess this pistol today?