Breaking News: Blackwater ‘arms smuggling probe’

Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Blackwater employees have been supplying the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) with weapons. The PKK are labeled a terrorist group by the US government.

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In July Turkey complained to the US that they had seized American made weapons from the PPK.

Two former Blackwater staff have already pleaded guilty to another incident of weapon smuggling.

Blackwater had this to say:

Allegations that Blackwater was in any way associated or complicit in unlawful arms activities are baseless. The company has no knowledge of any employee improperly exporting weaponsThere is no indication that the weapons stolen… ever ended up in Iraq.

My Opinion: Thousands of US weapons have ended up on the Turkish blackmarket. It is not unfeasible that some of these were bought by the PPK. It would not surprise me if these accusations are yet another attempt by the Iraqi government to increase pressure on Washington in order to force Blackwater out of Iraq.


International Herald Tribune

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  • Can D

    A bit old issue but cant stop from replying;

    Spoken like a true patriot who has never left his state. ‘Turkish blackmarket’ ? what are you talking about? I live in both countries (US/Turkey) and it is muuuch harder to get even a legal weapon in Turkey then most parts of the US. The punishment for such assault weapon smuggling vs their profit level do not make it a logical black market (drug running another story).

    The real reason this became news was because the mentioned weapons captured had serial blocks supposedly in use by US forces in Iraq!! Wonder why they are NOW fingerprinting Iraqis assigned US weapons ??

    So perhaps you should reconsider the following in addition to general failure of policy;
    – rent-a-soldiers employed by the US
    – US gun smugglers (x-military or current)

    Very likely it was US supplying weapons to ‘friendlies’ who turned around and sold them to the terrorists and continued using their AKs which for the region is much more reliable and easier stocked…

    The US, unfortunately, still has no idea what its doing on the ground in Iraq, shuffling friends and foes quarterly. A perfect example of Lions for Lambs for those of you who know what i mean…

    Just hope that more advanced weapons like AA systems dont get ‘misplaced’ or itll really cause a meltdown with its NATO ally when they should re-align against Russian aggresion/expansion in Georgia.

  • Can, if you read the sources I linked to you would have seen it is the Turkish authorities that claimed US weapons were entering Turkey. So obviously there is either a blackmarket or rebels are bringing them in to use.

    This blog is not a forum to vent political views (see the title: “Firearms not Politics”).

  • charles222

    Gun running and mercenaries go together like peas and carrots, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this were true. Honestly, if I was the Iraqi government-or any government that takes itself seriously-I wouldn’t want groups like Blackwater operating in my country either.