FAMAS, the French Bugle

Famous Guns has nice write up a about the french assault rifle, the FAMAS (Fusil Automatique, Manufacture d’Armes de St. Etienne), and it’sPicture 30

Development of this rifle began in 1967, under the leadership of the Paul Tellie, a French arms designer. This new rifle was intended to replace in service the MAS Mle.49/56 semi-automatic rifles, MAT-49 submachine guns and some MAC Mle.1929 light machine guns. First FAMAS prototype had been built in 1971. French military began to test this rifle in 1972-73, but, in the meantime, France adopted a Swiss-designed SIG SG-540 5.56mm assault rifle as an intermediate solution. FAMAS rifle was adopted by the French in 1978 and since then became a standard French Army shoulder fired small arm.

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(Photo from wikipedia.org)

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  • SNMP

    Nobody in french army call the FAMAS Bugle, that an journalist invention

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  • My comments on the rifle were robust and should have provoked debate: are we all now so nerdish and sanitised that that is heresy?! My comment stands: the rifle is a glorified pistol and underpowered.

  • The new AK200 – 60 round mag. – now THAT’S a rifle.