Taurus 44-Ten Tracker: A .410 Shotgun in Your Hand

I came across a great review of the Taurus 44-Ten Tracker .410 caliber revolver/shotgun. Picture 15

How about penetration? Well, at all distances the shot pellets went through the board. However, logic tells us that they used up a lot of their force getting through the dense material. And, in home construction, there would be another piece of the same wall-board beyond. With the possible exception of the 1-yard shot, the pellets would likely not exit that one.

Getting back to serious business, would the Taurus 44-Ten Tracker be a good “house-gun?” Absolutely! It could be handled well by anyone, and shotshell loads would afford a little “margin of error” in aiming. For the more proficient, you could load it so the first three rounds were shot, then have two .45LC rounds, if necessary. And, we haven’t even considered the camping and hunting applications. The last word: High quality, reasonable price.

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Steve Johnson

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  • Peter

    They’ve renamed it The Judge.

    I want one of those, too.

  • Thanks for the update!

  • My father has one, its smooth and well made, feels like a Colt Python 4″ in the hand.

    Very surprising gun, not as heavy as you think, and has the recoil of a .38.

    People are going to overlook this gun, and its a mistake!

    He loads it with 000 Buckshot, then silvertips. Not SUPER accurate, but excellent for home defense and devastating for close range CCW and Automobile use.

    Especially if you want to make your bad guy look like a pizza!

  • Thanks your comment, Blackjack

  • gege

    I have the tracker .410/.45 6.5 barrel and it is a bad boy.luv it

  • This kind of pistol loaded with shot seems perfect for defense in very close “in your face” quarters. I’d consider it a welcome upgrade from a similarly loaded Derringer or other very short weapon for close quarters.

    Could be good for being awakened at night by a burglar in the room or other disadvantageous situations where accuracy may have to take a back seat to quick action.

  • brandon

    I recently purshased the judge in 3 inch cylinder and the first day I bought it I fired 5 3′ buckshot shots it shot perfect from 15 yards away for what it was the next day I got 2 shots off and the trigger locked to the rear and the hammer would move back and forth single action but the cylinder would not rotate until I pushed the trigger back forward until it clicked well it did it several times so I sent it back they hopefuly fixed it right this time it was new when I bought it I say hopefuly because they sent it to my dads house and I bought it on my 2 week leave from Iraq and had to go back to Iraq their customer service were friendly and it was back within 4 weeks wish me luck because I really liked the way it hit and I hope it’s good to go

  • brandon

    I agree on the load you suggested for the home but I plan to use buckshot 3in in place of the shot shell for out of the home carry but in the woods again I would also use the load you suggested for snake defense where I live a coyotte is the biggest predator we have common