Light load for .30-06

An interesting usenet post from rec.guns: Bill Jungbauer wants to know some light .30-06 loads for him 13 year old son:


My 13 year old son said he did not like his .243 anymore and talked me into
getting him a 30-06. I plan on loading him some light loads to begin with.
After looking at my load books, I see that the only noted light loads are in
the Speer book. 150 grain bullet with either 42 grains of H4895 or 26-28
grains of 5744. If I buy some 4895, what else is this powder good for? If I
increase the dosage later, is it a reliably accurate load?

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Steve Johnson

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  • I just recently discovered this wonderful blog. There is a light load commercial available for the .30-06. They are 125 grain loads made by Remington. My friend uses them sometimes at the range when shooting my .30-06 for the softer recoil. I know this does not help in reloading, but it does enable one to go out and purchase a lighter load, until such loading is figured out by the reloaders.

  • Thanks Jennersen, I am pleased you enjoy the blog.

    Thanks for the info on those remington load (for those reading this comment: ). They look pretty good. Useful those who don’t like recoil.

  • Rick

    My 13 Year old loves to shoot his Savage 110 3006 Rifle.
    He has killed Two Deer, and Two Hogs, with it.
    He just uses plain ole Remington 180 Grain Coreloct ammo.