Strange Guns: Czech Live Fire 7.62x39mm Training Rocket


Oddly enough the below ‘rocket’ is actually a rifle chambered in the 7.62x39mm cartridge! It is used in a RPG launcher for training purposes. I assume that it would be used in an actual RPG launcher and not a training replica.

 Images Adz 983620

I came across this link a PFOA post. From the website that sells it:

Used by the Czech military as a training aid to simulate firing a rocket propelled grenade using 7.62×39 ammunition. Features blued-steel construction with a rifled barrel, bolt assembly, knurled grips and yellow rocket head. The push-button type trigger assembly is designed to be fired while inside the RPG launcher itself (launcher not included or available), but it can be fired manually by depressing a small lever and pressing a recessed button in the rocket body.

Here is a video of it being fired:

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  • boggie

    Yep, I used one of these, but “mine” was Romanian made, camo green instead of the stylish yellow. I served in the Romanian Army in the eighties. The gizmo would load in the barrel of the actual weapon (not a replica, just like your article suggests). It was single shot and supposed to help train your aiming skills without ruining the army’s budget. We laughed at it a lot. Shooting that menacing-looking RPG and making a minuscule hole in a xerox-copied tank silhouette had something funny in it. Needless to say, there were no exhaust gases either. I shot it once only – we were quite under-trained, you see. Our main goal in the military life was to pick up potatoes or corn or help some crumbling factory that had no workers. Ah, the eighties in Romania πŸ™‚

  • Carl

    I used something similar for training with the AT4:
    But that one used a 9x19mm tracer round, so you could see the arc of the projectile, which supposedly was matched to simulate the live HEAT round.