The anatomy of an AR-15

Bushmaster has a great flash animation showing how an AR-15 bushmaster functions. It allows you to make some of the parts transparent so you can see inside.

A screenshot of what the animation looks like:

Picture 9-1

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  • Nice! I built my AR-15 lower receiver from instructions on the internet. I bought the stripped lower from a gun show and ordered the rest of the parts on the internet. Here’s my blog post on the build:

  • Splatacaster

    I heard talk of it back in 2006, not much lately. Any word on the US military changing back over to the 45acp as there side arm caliber of choice??

    • Splatacaster, they have a design competition for a .45 ACP chambered pistol, but it was canceled.

  • Splatacaster

    Too much for that Kel-Tec!!!

    Why are they charging so much for this weapon??
    Why are people jumping on this hiatus and driving the price of low cost firearms through the roof, when nothing has happend in Washington yet??
    Ex: Kel Tec 16c last year around this time was about $475 and now just because Obama is in office they are over $800
    And it is not just that particular rifle, its all assult weapons. I just think it is a bit rediculous that this is happening and the man has not even signed anything yet.
    I guess if this keeps going the way it is going we are all going to drive ourselves out of any price rang that any hard working American can’t possibly afford.
    And that is the saddest part of it all, we are doing it to ourselves. Just look at the price and avalability of ammo,it has trippled in the last 5 years and is expected to go even higher than that. I mean it cost damm near $30. for a brick of 22lr (outragous!!!) Pretty soon we will all have a bunch of guns and no ammo. Might as well start dusting off the old flint knapping skills and get back to the basics.
    It just seems that, this is whats wrong with this country, every one is so F…GREEDY!! THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO THE GAS PRICES. There was no gas shortage, but everyone freeked out started hording gas and the manufacturers saw this and jacked up the prices. Now everyone is a little more relaxed and the prices have come back down. Maybe that could happen with the guns and ammo to. Just a thought….
    Yea, I know all this bitching is not going to lower the prices on these guns, and I am sure that they are not going to have any problem selling it to some poor shmuck who doesn’t know any better. But, IS THAT REALLY THE AMERICAN WAY??
    If everybody lived by the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them du unto you” the world would be a better place. Instead of, let me screw over the next guy just like I got screwed over, but worse.

    Sorry!!! Thanks for letting a fellow gun owner vent

  • splatacaster

    Dose anyone have any comments on CMMG rifle?? Why are they so cheap? I have found some on Gun Broker, with a piston upper and the whole gun selling for under $1300. I know about the non chrome lined barrel, but is there anything else that I should know about before purchasing one of these bad boys??!!


  • I was looking into a cmmg .22cal complete upper receiver, They were pretty cheap. I love the zombie targets btw.