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  • Jono

    Looks good!

  • Mike

    Where do I get one of these safe door gun racks?

    • David

      Did you find out where to get one of thes gun racks?

  • I am fairly certain this is a customization to a generic safe door.

    Each pair of pins would have to be placed specifically for each model of pistol mounted on the door.

  • Josh j

    I am jealous design and displayed pistols, my safe has room for 4 small autos or 2 real guns.

  • Bob Preiss

    I have the same question as previously posted, Where can I buy these pins, I’m assuming they are rubber & V-grooved to support the weapon? They look like a great idea, only one real question what keeps them in place so that the gun does not bounce out of it’s holder.(just it’s own weight?) Anyway if you could let me know where to purchase & how much, I’ll try them, Thanks!
    Reply too: R.W.Preiss