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I300Px-Sks Flickr have been getting many visitors coming to this blog looking for SKS manuals. I thought this was strange as I only had one small post linking to an SKS manual.

It turns out that SKS manuals are very hard to find! Many sites are selling the PDF versions of old manuals that have either had their copyright expired, in which case should be free, or they in face do not have the right to sell and are selling illegally.

I have decided to post a comprehensive listing of SKS Manuals and websites detailing SKS disassembly/assembly information.


Russian SKS 45 Semi-Auto Carbine manual

Russian Sks 45 Semi-Auto Carbine Manual-1

This manual for the SKS 45 Carbine looks pretty good compared to some of the others.

This 12 page manual covers the following topics:

• History of the SKS
• Safety
• Specifications
• Loading
• Unloading
• Sight Adjustment
• Cleaning

The PDF can be downloaded here.

China Sports SKS Semi-Automatic Sporting Rifle

Sks China Sports Manual

China sports was a US importer of Chinese firearms.

This 19 page manual covers the following topics:

  • Operating Instructions’
  • Safety
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Disassembly instruction
  • Assembly instruction
  • Cleaning
  • Sight Adjustment

The PDF can be downloaded here.

US Army SKS Rifle Manual (Simonov Type 56)
Us Army Sks Manual

This US Army 22 page manual covers the following topics:

  • Operation
  • Disassembly
  • Assembly
  • Trigger
  • Accessories
  • Malfunctions
  • Training
  • Maintaining the SKS
  • Function Checks
  • Cleaning

You can download the PDF here.

Inter Ordnance M59 / 66 Yugoslavian (Yugo) SKS – 7.62x39mm Semi-Automatic Rifle
Inter Ordance Yugo Sks

This manual appears to be virtually identical to the above China Sports SKS manual.

This 12 page manual covers the following topics:

• Operating Instructions
• Safety
• Loading
• Unloading
• Disassembly instruction
• Assembly instruction
• Cleaning
• Sight Adjustment

The PDF can be downloaded here.

Cheaper than dirt SKS manual / pamphlet
Cheaper Than Dirt Sks Manual

This is more of a pamphlet than a manual. It covers the following topics:

  • Safety guidelines and proper handling of the SKS
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Removing trigger and magazine
  • Mounting the bayonet

The PDF can be downloaded here.

Online Manuals

There are some great webpages listing SKS instructions:

Will england :: SKS disassembly : This site offer good instructions on disassembly, sight adjustment and cleaning. : has a great webpage on disassembly/assembly of the SKS 1945 carbine. This page has many high quality videos and two videos:

Cleaning the SKS Carbine video
The SKS: Disassembly/Reassembly video

Additional Information

Picture 27

Here is a parts listing of the SKS:
1. Piston
2. Handguard and gas cylinder
3. Piston extension
4. Piston return spring
5. Front sight
6. Front sight seat
7. Handguard catch
8. Bayonet screw
9. Bayonet assembly
10. Hold open latch pin
11. Hold open latch spring
12. Hold open latch
13. Receiver and Barrel
14. Takedown latch
15. Trigger guard latch
16. Latch pin
17. Rear housing
18. Bolt carrier
19. Bolt
20. Firing pin retainer
21. Firing pin
22. Extractor spring
23. Extractor
24. Recoil spring
25. Spring retainer
26. Large spring guide
27. Small spring guide
28. Stock assembly
29. Trigger guard spring
30. Magazine
31. Magazine follower
32. Follower spring
33. Hinge pin
34. Magazine cover
35. Cover latch
36. Latch spring and sear spring
37. Sear
38. Latch stop pin
39. Trigger guard
40. Disconnector hinge assembly
41. Trigger pin
42. Safety catch
43. Safety catch spring
44. Trigger
45. Safety catch pin
46. Trigger bar
47. Trigger bar pin
48. Trigger spring
49. Disconnector
50. Rebound Disconnector
51. Hammer
52. Hammer strut pin
53. Hammer strut
54. Hammer spring
55. Cleaning rod

Sks Parts-1

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  • bob dyer

    thanks for your site steve . a nice reference on how to clean my sks rifle.

  • Rus

    When the manual says, to the effect of, “safety must be on to insert trigger assembly”, they mean it.

    Just sayin.

  • spud

    I raised the grenade sight on my Yugo SKS. I can’t get it down. It looks like you need a tool to depress the pins on the bottom of the sight.

  • Byron

    Great site! I had left my manuals at work and needed to do a bit of work on my Yugo. Your site was a great help! Like the site so much, I book marked it.

  • John

    Thanks for the PDFs regarding the SKS rifle! I just picked up an unissued Yugo that needs cleaned of it’s original cosmoline and the Yugo manual will be of great help.

    I also flipped up the grenade sight and couldn’t figure any other way to get it back down other than using a couple of punches to depress the detent pins. What a pain. Is there another easier method?

  • Kirk

    Expecting my Russian SKS the middle of January 09 from a Saskatchewan Dealer. Wanted to have all the information beforehand. Thanks for the downloads. “Knowledge is power”.
    Ontario, Canada

  • Ross

    Amazing! With all of the SKS info I have found on the internet, I have yet to find the answer to a simple question.
    On a Yugo, you have the “selector switch” for the semi auto fire/grenade launcher fire. Which way do you turn the switch for each use?
    BTW, thanks for all of the great info. Good to know that I have reference materials available.

    • dank

      toward the front for auto fire/ and toward the rear for the launcher

  • WD

    Twelve o’clock for grenade launcher (notice that the grenade sight will not raise unless gas valve is in this position).
    Two o’clock for normal operation (notice that the gas valve button prevents the grenade sight from being raised.)

    For grenades:
    1. Move gas valve to twelve o’clock.
    2. Raise sights.
    Reverse order to return to normal operation.

  • JimN

    Excellent! Thanks very much. The Russian SKS45 manual is a great choice, better than the US Army manual. Great blog, its going into my bookmarks.

  • luke

    how do i get the yogo m59/66 manual?

  • Peterc

    Awesome collection of SKS manuals for all to use- thank you Steve for taking the time to put this info up for everyone.

  • Robert S

    The sks 59/66 yugo …………what fires the grenade ? a bullet is shot to fire it ? or a blank cartridge? and if a bullet sets it off wre does the bullet go the grenade when fired must send back gas down the barrel …..would enjoy the answer 2 my ? if you can give it

  • Marc Wilson

    Great information here!! Just wanted to say thanks..

  • I am an attorney. A shooter had a misfire. He did not remove the magazine prior to working the action. He tried to inspect the breech and the action slipped out of his hand. This allowed the tip of the round from the magazine to act as a firing pin and discharge the round in the chamber. He was killed when part of the casing of the round in the chamber went into his chest. This could have been avoided if he had dropped the clip prior to pulling the action back to inspect. Some of the manuals you have on this site explain that one should remove the magazine prior to pulling the action back. I am trying to find a manual that was produced with the sale of an SKS. You have great manuals but they should accompany the sale to inform the user of this risk and how to avoid the risk. The shooter in my case had earplugs. He put the safey on. He had the gun pointer down range. Does anyone have an knowledge of this happening, i.e. a round from the magazine striking a round in the chamber and creating an accidental discharge?

    • Travis, that is very sad.

      I have never heard if someone being killed by that this type of accident. I want to post this on the blog as a separate blog post, but can you be a bit more specific about the injury.

      ( People say all sorts of things online. From personal experience I have found that need to verify facts before posting)

      Can you explain the trajectory of the casing. I am somewhat at a loss on how it made it from the chamber to his chest, unless the shooter was holding the rifle in strange position, like when shooting from the hip.

      Also, I would appreciate it if you could give some details about the wound sustained, where it hit, how deep the casing penetrated.

      The is a very sad accident, the fact that a piece of casing can kill comes as a shock to me, and I am sure this information would be invaluable to other shooters and maybe prevent something like this happening again.

  • Ross

    Maybe I am off base here, but since Travis begins his post with “I am an attorney,” and then he asks for information about getting manuals which come with the weapon, it sounds like he is trying to build a court case against a firearms manufacturer, importer, distributor, etc. on some kind of failure to warn/defective product theory.
    I do not believe that those of us who cherish our Second Amendment rights should be providing any information to those who are attempting to further use the courts to erode our rights to keep and bear arms by putting firearms companies out of business with lawsuits.
    Or have I totally read you wrong, Travis?

  • I wanted to insure that I did not mislead anyone. Please accept my apology if I have offended by making my appeal on this forum. I do strongly believe in the Second Amendment. I am 50 years old and have owned and used guns of all types all my life. But, I am a lawyer and I fear there are others that feel like you do. I fail to understand why all products of this great nation are required to be made safe except firearms. There is nothing about my practice or this suit that would erode the right to bear arms. I would like to see firearms sold that are safe and do not wish to put anyone out of business. I believe this instruction to drop the clip prior to working the action in as SKS will save lives. I think that is a good thing, even for those of us that use firearms. It is a natural first reaction for many to work the action when a firearm fails to fire. I did not appreciate the fact that this common act could kill you if you are using an SKS. I do not agree with your position, but I respect it. If there are those that think there should be no required safety with respect to firearms, then I understand why you would not assist me in finding a proper warning to prevent this for occurring to others. Even if you don’t like lawyers, please, get the information out to prevent this from happening again. If you agree that we as firearem users are responsible and reasonable people that deserve the right to purchase safe firearms that are not unreasonably dangerous, then help me find a way to get this warning stated in a way to make the SKS safe for the Chinese to import, and we can live to carry on the tradition. Again, I am sorry if I have offended, but I am passionate about this.

  • Ross

    Travis, there is an obvious amount of distortion and misrepresentation in your self serving post. You refer to unsafe firearms. If the SKS was unsafe, and if this “problem” actually existed in this type of firearm, why is it that people here, and on other SKS sites, NEVER report this type of accident? If this was a known defect, you can bet that experienced SKS owners would be reporting it and discussing it on many SKS sites. Such reports do not exist. Why? Because this is NOT a defect in this weapon.
    Where there is no defective condition, there is no need to warn, and no need to correct what isn’t wrong in the first place. Perhaps that is too simple and obvious for a plaintiff’s lawyer to grasp. Of course, there is also no money to be made with that approach.
    You are trying to create, for personal gain, a defective condition which doesn’t exist. How do you know that the accident happened the way you describe? You say that the man died. As tragic as that is, it means that HE didn’t tell you how the accident happened. Were you there to witness what happened? Obviously not, because you would then be a witness and not the lawyer.
    You may say all that you want about trying to make products safer, but how are companies supposed to correct a problem which doesn’t exist, and which hasn’t been reported after DECADES of use of this type of weapon? None of us are so stupid as to believe that you aren’t in this simply for the money.
    You also falsely claim that you aren’t out to put firearms dealers out of business. Let’s suppose for a moment that (God forbid) you are successful in your lawsuit, and you recover many millions of dollars against the manufacturer, importer, distributor, etc. of this gun. What kind of effect do you think that will have on the firearms trade? Are we supposed to believe that it will entice MORE companies to deal in firearms, knowing that there are people like you waiting behind every bush to attack them when they have done nothing wrong?
    Please ask your friend Obama to help you get the information you need. I’m sure he will gladly assist you in your efforts to destroy the Second Amendment.

    • erik

      Its usally common practice to drop the magazine and clear the action before dealing with a malfunction. Very misfortunate mishap but it most likely could have been prevented, secondly a firearm is mechanical an
      d are sometimes prone to failure

  • Daniel

    IF that is what really happened then there would have been a few malfunctions that occured at the same time. Number 1 being the mis-fire. Number 2 the mis-fired round should have ejected when the action was pulled to the rear, That failure could have been caused by any number of things mostly maint. related. The bottom line though is the magazine should have been dropped prior to any action being taken, It’s a basic safety thing. I belive the maximum level of safety should be used when handeling a firearm. Afterall they are designed to kill and if you don’t take care of them they’ll kill you.

  • Harry

    Does Any One Know How To Take The Grenade Launcher Off The Barrel

  • Rich

    I’m with Ross. I don’t appreciate people(and I use that term loosely) coming to sites like this to dig up information to be distorted for their own personal gain at the expence of others. I am not surprised, as my past experience with lawyers has always left me a “dirty, greasy, slimey” feeling all over, and this is no exception.
    I am also curious as to the specifics of how the G.L. works. I just bought a Yugo SKS and was wondering if the “D” prefix to serial number on barrel meant anything as well.

    • erik

      I belive the “D” prefix on m59/66 relates to the year of production has a chart plus really good info

  • First,a quick comment….When something starts with: “I’m an attorney”…start running. Anyway,just a note to say thanks for the manuals.Although I am ex (Canadian) military and have used a lot of different small arms,the opportunity to get an SKS Type 56 came along but not with a manual.Your site saved me some time. It came with a folder and scope,which I will upgrade. Since the price of ammo is also going up,the 7.62X39 cartridge is a bargain. One more thing…there is a 30 round mag available …does anyone have one and how well do they work? We are only allowed 5 rounds so they would not be legal or available in Canada….but the border is not that far. Thanks again.

  • I found the sites where up to 55 round mags are available (God Bless America) That’s 50 rounds more than we’re allowed…..anyway,another question. I have done the basic field stripping to the point where I’d like to disassemble the firing pin / extractor mechanism and would like to know how hard it should be to drive out the pin. The gun store wasn’t sure and since i don’t want the time or expense of my friendly,neighbourhood gunsmith,I’ll ask here instead. I tapped it fairly gently and it didn’t budge…rather than just driving it with everything I’ve got…i’ll wait for a reply. Thanks.

  • Les Averitt

    Ok, Lets go off the Defense for a Second. First I want to make this clear, I DO NOT LIKE ATTORNEYS. With that said. I think this Man is a little upset that a person has died and He has decided to try to get more Information shipped with the weapon you are going to purchase. I for one do not think this is a bad idea. I served in the Military for twelve years and stated above in these post I read where someone said knowledge is power. “AMEN brother”. I dont think I would have wanted to go into the places I did with out proper training on the weapons I used. Weather it was hands on or by a manual. I say The manufactures give all the information they can about the Weapon you are going to purchase. What that is going to do is keep Attorneys from being able to say ” Well that happened to that person because there was no information that came with that weapon that said it could happen”. I dont know maybe I am off base here. But, Bottom line is these Manufactures need to cover there butt to the Extreme. There are certain people out there that would love to burn every weapon factory to the ground. There are certain people out there that would Love to take All weapons away from anyone that was not Military or law Enforcemant. We can do more to make that not happen. My typeing is terrible feel free to make any corrections as needed with spelling. Thanks Steve, and room

  • steven matthews

    i would like to know if the china sport style sks whole barrle and trigger system can be removed from the wooden stock and put on the tampco sks synthetic tacticle stock. i was trying earlyer today to unscrew thee screw that seems to hold the wooden stock and barrle assembly together. if anyone has information on how to seperate the two, it would greatly by apprciated.

  • Tara

    Thank you for such a comprehensive blog and easy downloads for the SKS manual. WONDERFUL!

  • lrush573

    Apologies in advance if this question is improper. I’m a caregiver for a disabled vet who wants to make his fortune refinishing and selling weapons. He has asked me to find US importers of chinese sks rifles. I’m having no luck. I’m also afraid of ending up on a site where I don’t want to be if you know what I mean. Fur farming was his most recent interest and you can’t go to any of their sites with infecting your computer. I suspect weapon sites can be the same by virtue of those who believe “high ideals” are bulletproof shields. Any ideas for a search string that’ll get me the info he wants without bringing me grief? I’ve been to page after page and can’t find anything but alibaba who don’t appear to be US based. If you can help I appreciate it. Thanks

  • Interesting questions and comments. With respect to what I am able to read… it seems that some input was not written out, leaving holes in the conversations between and among commenters. That being said, I have these comments and answers that I hope will be helpful: (1) Travis Berry’s request for info, and his position, is ultimately harmful to the firearms industry, from manufacturers to end users, (2) The grenade launcher sight is simply pushed down hard to rest upon the barrel, and locked in place by the gas chamber button, (3) although I have an operators manual (SKS Takedown Guide, by Radocy Products, Co.) the grenade launcher is not addressed, as is probably the case with most manuals. In my opinion the launcher probably works like the M-1 Garand. The SKS butt is placed on the ground with the barrel pointed high up and towards the target. The launcher sight is raised. The grenade probably has striped markings encircling its’ main body. The stripe(s) will correspond to distances when the barrel is raised or lowered so that they line up with the steps of the ladder styled sight. The V-notch is lined up with both the grenade and target, and the blank round is fired launching the grenade skyward, arcing towards the target. The SKS, when fired in launcher mode, probably recoils hard enough to painfully injure the shoulder, therefore, like the Garand in launcher mode with all the gas directed through the barrel and not back to operate the bolt, the force generated necessitates a butt on the ground mode, (4) to disassemble the bolt, the firing pin retainer is pushed out left to right, when looking at the bolt from the top; some firing pins are spring loaded, be careful, (5) I have disassembled my SKS only once to remove the barreled receiver from the stock. All that requires is removing the take-down latch at the back of the receiver and undoing the side bolt located on the stock below the rear sight. When disassembling the gun, be sure to note each step and reassemble in reverse order. The manual safety has to be in the safe position to drop everything in place. Sharp edges can be beveled slightly with a file to facilitate reassembly. The SKS operates reliably under adverse conditions; oiling parts and keeping the barrel and chamber clean are about all that’s required. Only when the crud really builds up is when field stripping is required. I also have a Ruger Ranch Rifle Mini-.30 (7.62 x 39) and I have to say that the SKS is more accurate and reliable.

  • In sentence number (5) of my comments I mistakenly said that the side bolt on the stock has to be undone. The correct method is to use a sturdy punch or similar tool to push in on a button at the back of the trigger guard, with the safety in the safe position. (Any of the manuals shown in this website should show the disassembly procedure.) With reference to the removal of the grenade launcher: On the Yugo it takes a magnifying glass to see the joint where the back of the launcher, screwed onto the barrel, meets the barrel; it is a very close tolerance. I doubt if the launcher can be removed without damaging the barrel or the gun because it will probably have to be heated and twisted very hard to remove it. And, once that is done you are left with ugly threads on the barrel. I simply hacksawed the launcher off right at the back, filed the muzzle true, beveled or chamfered the outer perimeter of the muzzle, and recrowned the muzzle by hand carefully using a 29/64″ drill bit. Cold re-bluing finished the work. The cut was made close to the launcher to keep the bayonet catch intact, and to make it appear factory-like. Balance of the rifle was improved by lightening the front end.

  • larry

    i was wondering if you can change a chinese sks fixed magazine to a detachable mag.

  • Willie

    Great stuff! I have a Yugo SKS 59/66 7.62×39 I have blanks for this gun and I am wondering are there smoke grenades or training grenades available that can be launched from this weapon?

  • Timmeh

    “i was wondering if you can change a chinese sks fixed magazine to a detachable mag.”

    Yes you can, mine was altered. I have no clue as to when, where or how it was done.
    I have the opposite problem. How can I return one that has been altered back to its fixed magazine configuration to make it legal in a certain western USA state?

  • **Just letting everyone know that ‘Cheaper than Dirt’ e store has video instructions for many guns. They have a 48 minute DVD on the Disassembly and Reassembly of the SKS rifle. It is an excellent video. The sound isnt the best on mine ( on the computer) but the video quality is superb. The cost is only 9.99.They have some excellent Russian non corrosive 7.63 X 39 ammo in 20 round boxes as well. I have several PDF files and instructional pamphlets but this video is tops. I just bought one of the ‘never previously issued’ SKS Yugo models, AND they are in fact new. The wood hasnt even been sealed. A great piece. All of you with a C&R license should check out http://WWW.SOUTHERNOHIOGUN.COM asap. I dont think they have a large supply and in fact may be already gone but would be worth a try. SARCO who is advertised all the time in Shotgun News is an excellent source for SKS parts at a very reasonable price as well. Good luck and good shooting.___Tis

  • I have installed a 30 round Cobray conversion magazine in place of the 10 round magazine that is in the gun.

    I need some help because after instaling it the gun has jambed and I can not pull the bolt back nor remove the new clip. I do not know what to do nor what caused the problem.

    Hopefully some one can help me………Thank You

  • robert canham

    rob i also have problums with jambs with a 20 round clip can some one help.

  • Ross

    You say “jams” which doesn’t tell us a lot. Is your SKS failing to feed, failing to chamber, etc.? What is the specific problem?
    Also, what model SKS do you have? That makes a difference. Some came from the factory ready to accept detachable mags, and some were modified later.
    Also, what type of ammo are you using?
    What type mag?
    All of those things could help someone to figure out the problem.

  • MoHunter

    Thank you Steve for all of the information you supplied. Like alot on here, several years ago I bought several russian made sks`s and none came with any owners manuals. I wanted you to know how grateful I am to you for providing this information, and possibly saving someone (like me) from injury, or death. God Bless, and keep up the good work, Kevin.

  • eric wilborn

    I have a norenco sks that when it fires the next round in the mag ejects instead of going into chamber. Has anyone seen this before and if so what are the causes.

  • Robert R Bennett

    Was looking for a pamphlet on an sks with technical information and the history of the gun please send one to the address listed if at all possible. Again that address was 2601 N 15th ST lot 14 Arkansas city KS 67005

  • Alan

    I have a Norinco SKS that came with a 5 round fixed magazine. I modified it to appect detachable magazines. My question is, when I have a loaded magazine in the rifle without a round being chambered, I can’t remove the magazine without pulling the bolt back. I’m new to this so I could be missing something very basic. I have tried this with different capacity magazines from different manufactures with the same results. I’ve also installed an extended magazine release hoping to fix the problem, but this didn’t help. Any advise would be appreciated.

    • Patrick

      In case you have not figured this one out. I just bought an SKS myself and had the same problem. On mine I must release the rear clip on the mag and let it drop down a little then rack the bolt and the mag drops out easily. Hope this helps

  • robert canham

    robert c.
    ross the sks that i have is a yugo it was jaming at the breach the clip that i was using was a modafide ak 47 clip i changed to a tapco polymer 20 round clip my sks has not jamed agin thank you for asking questions about type of sks i will remember to ask my self these questions next time.

  • rudy

    i just purchased a new stock for my sks and i am having trouble removing the pin that holds the hand guard to the gas tube , has anyone encountered this problem . any insight would be greatly appreciated

  • Alan

    I recently did the same thing with a Tapco stock. This link details the procedure you are looking for.

  • rudy

    thanks alan , i have that link , my problem is that the pin will not come out . i have done everything i can think of

  • Terry Smotherman

    I just bought a never issued 59/66. Beautiful rifle but I want to remove the NATO grenade launcher and front sight. Will afront sight from any other model fit? I want to preserve this sight and launcher so please help me by telling me the way to get it off. And what other model sight can I use? Thankyou, Terry

  • Bob

    Has anyone experimented with cutting a SKS down similar to the mosin 91/30. I want to do something different and wonder if a 16″
    barrel and shortened stock would be fun to have. Any inputs?

  • crerm

  • josh

    I have a Chinese sks with a dragnouv stock and the stock is to high where the dust cover pin is stuck in the gun does anyone have a suggestion

    • Try using a Dremel type moto-tool and sand an appropriate sized notch,suggest care to avoid removing too much material. Hope this helps…….Bill

  • pete

    Not sure what it is called but the latch pin, in front of the rear sites, that is raised up in order to remove the gas tube will not lock in place. It moves to the up position when firing and at it’s lowest position it isn’t low enough to have a smooth interface with the rear of the gas tube. I have fired over 500 rounds with no issues until recently it wouldn’t feed from a tapco magazine for about ten rounds and then resummed firing. is it’s sole purpose to hold the gas tube in plae? if it is it probably didn’t have anything to do with the failure to feed?

  • wwwusa

    The PDF file links are not working.

  • Ron

    morning..have a slight challenge that a number of my fellow firearm buddies have been unable to cure. entire firearms is disassembled except the gas piston…appears as though the spring pin is pushed up aginst the gas piston no allowing the piston assembly to come out freely…any help appreciated…tks Ron

  • Tamron Hall

    Eye nub my sks made in rush_ah