Take the Black Death Challenge!

At the heart of the game is the Black Death Target (BDT), which consists of five square black targets with a white circle and black dot in the center — the “good shot” area.

The object of the game is the highest score you can get with five shots in the white — 50 being the best and known as “Maxing the BDT.”

The trick of the game is keeping all your shots from even touching any of the surrounding black area.

Any shot that touches the black renders that target invalid — sudden BLACK DEATH! This applies only to that specific target, not the remaining targets on the paper. Nor, of course, does it apply to the black X-score center aim dot.

I just came across the BDT. It looks like a lot of fun and a great way to challenge my friends to a shooting match. Below are some pictures of the “Black Death” targets:

Blackdeath Target 200X260Bdt Practice-24


Steve Johnson

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