Chinese .45 ACP Mauser Machine Pistol

A very interesting article about the Chinese .45 ACP Broomhandle.

Review of Mauser Machine Pistol:

A famous design in its own right, the C-96 Mauser “Broomhandle” was extremely popular with the Chinese. Since the C-96 was considered a highly effective fighting weapon, Yen had no desire to replace the it with another design. So instead he offered a cash reward to the workers at his arsenal to produce a C-96 chambered for the sam e .45 cartridge as their Thompson. And so one of the rarest and most exotic C-96 variations was born, the .45 Shansi Broomhandle.

 Images3 C96-3 Images3 C96-10

While on the topic of broomhandles here is a short video showing a select-fire broomhandle being fired on full auto, enjoy:

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  • Mugofdoom

    The Shansei .45 ACP C96s were semi automatic only, the Chinese never locally produced a full automatic or select fire variant of the Mauser, only the Germans and Spanish did, and those were made in very limited numbers. Most Mausers are semi automatic only. So the Mauser is not a “Machine pistol”.

    • FM451

      Mugofdoom, it’s true that the Shansei .45 ACP pistols were semi-automatic only. However, Chinese arsenals did produce copies of the M712 Mauser Schnellfeuer pistol, as well as copies of the Astra Machine pistols. This is documented in the excellent book “The Worlds Machine Pistols and Submachine Guns” by Nelson and Musgrave. There are separate chapters on the German, Spanish, and Chinese Machine pistols of the Mauser type. The Chinese Schnellfeuers varied in quality, some being rough, others well made and finished, with chinese markings.
      German manufacture of machine pistols was about 100,000 units, the Spanish (Astra) about 10,000; Chinese numbers unknown.

  • Kyle

    Except for the Schnellfeuer